Solax PV Optimser

Solar PV+ Optimiser

This is a new product aimed at improving the efficiency of a Solar PV System by 25%.

The problem faced by Solar systems is that when it is generating at full capacity the inverter often switches over to Over-Voltage Mode and ceases to generate at all. This is due to 50%+ of UK households receiving too much voltage into their homes. Although this is is within a safe and regulated amount, the result is that you could be losing 25% of the peak efficiency of the Solar System.

The Optimiser System can combat this by monitoring the incoming voltage it allows the Solar PV Inverter to compliantly stay in circuit for longer, preventing nusiance over-voltage shut down. The Optimiser can reduce stress through voltage over heating and increase the Solar PV Generation. This provides a much faster return on investment on new and existing systems alike.