Free Boiler Grants in West Devon & South Hams

The ECO Flex Scheme provides funding from energy companies using local eligibility criteria published by the Councils. The purpose of the funding is to reduce carbon emissions throughout the borough, something both Councils feel is an important issue to tackle, and provide help to householders wherever possible.

Carbon Emissions are more prevalent in households that are off mains gas and properties without adequate insulation. Both councils have truly opened this out to most households in the borough, as unlike some previous government incentives, the grant is more dependent on the property less on the financial status of its occupants - see qualifying criteria below. * 

The criteria set out for qualification for this scheme are quite broad and the intention is to make the funding available to the widest number of people so far in any scheme of this kind.

Saving Energy Group are working with a number of Government Accredited Installers in these districts, and are bringing awareness to residents of what is on offer, applying for funding and seeing the process through to installation of the appropriate measures.  







* Qualification criteria:

Residents of Privately Rented properties can qualify automatically regardless of income

Private homeowners qualify to apply for Help to Heat Funding subject to meeting category 1 and category 2 eligibility criteria below*:

Category 1:

A household income of less than £35,000 after paying for mortgage, council tax and energy costs.

Category 2:

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of D or below.

You can check your properties rating here:

In the event that a property does not meet this criteria or does not have an EPC, the referring agency will identify if the property falls into one of these additional categories which have been selected due to their high energy bills, hard to treat and hard to reach nature:

  • Properties heated by a fuel other than mains gas
  • Homes which require cavity wall insulation
  • Homes with require a loft insulation top up
  • Homes which require solid wall insulation
  • Homes with a boiler which meets the ECO Qualifying Boiler criteria (Oil / Liquid Petroleum Gas (L.P.G.) boiler over 7 years old)