Farming Consultants - Biolectric Micro AD Information Pack

How It Works

How to create farm manure energy

On a farm with 80 cows, the yearly CH4 emission of manure is equal to the CO2 equivalent of 110 ton per year (that's about 110 cars on the road).

By placing a Biolectric biogas installation your client's farm, this waste and its CH4 emission are converted into green energy and heat, which can be used on the farm. The residual manure can be used as fertilizer.

Farm manure energy

The Biolectric biogas installation pumps a fixed quantity of digestate daily from the reactor to the digestate storage and replenishes the discharged volume with fresh slurry from the reception pit. This process is fully automated and is done without supervision.

Biogas is formed in the reactor through anaerobic fermentation. This gas is then purified and subsequently combusted in the engine, converting it to green energy. This energy can be exported to the grid as electricity or used on the farm, and excess heat can be used for washing down or other HW requirements on site.

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Did You Know?

Profitable energy from farm manure

Energy from farm manure

10 Reasons you should consider Biolectric Micro AD with Insiratum Solutions

  1. Free electricity
  2. Free Heat Generation
  3. PURCHASE Option available in sizes 11kWp - 52kWp
  4. Diversification of income with PURCHASE option 
  5. No Capital outlay required under FUNDED OPTION (only 52kWp systems)
  6. FREE retention of equipment at the end of agreement (FUNDED OPTION).
  7. Equipment is fully maintained during its lifetime 
  8. Improved slurry quality giving a longer spreading season
  9. Small Footprint requires less land
  10. Environmental Benefits

Digestion of manure into green energy based on farm’s own manure

There is no competition between food and energy. you have no additional noise or odours by supply of crops, surplus or waste. you get local fertilizer, local production, local consumption: there are no hidden transportation fees or emissions. the raw material, manure, is renewable and available for free.

No longer dependent on rising energy prices

Your client creates and uses their own green energy. you get a fixed price per kWh of produced green energy, in the form of green energy certificates (fit or roCs or rHi). there is a short payback period.

No longer dependent on falling milk prices

Are falling milk prices affecting your client's business? Micro AD offers diversification of income.

Why should your client get a pocket digester?

There are some distinct advantages to a Biolectric pocket digester: no more rising electricity bills, free hot water, diversification of the income for the farm, added value of your client's manure, more liquid manure and faster absorption of nutrients, and a fully automated manure gas plant with patented reactor building.

Get Involved

Next Steps

You are convinced of the use-fullness of our small scale Biolectric AD plant and would like to discuss it with your clients. But you don’t know what the requirements are. Please call us to arrange a visit from our training team.

What Do Your Clients Need

For a funded system, your client will require a herd of at least 200 Dairy Cows, producing 1500m2 of liquid manure per year. Additionally, they will require 200m2 of available space on the farm to house the system.

What Your Client Receives

Your client will receive a ready-to-use pocket digester with a capacity from 11 kW to 52 kW. An effortless, fully automatic mono digester creating their own green energy on the basis of their farm’s manure. They will no longer depend on energy suppliers and their rising energy prices. The system is fully automated, installed and working within 6 days.




Once you are registered as an official farming consultant with Saving Energy Group your consultancy will receive commission for every unit sold and installed. Commission rates are generous and will discussed upon receipt of your application form.