Biolectric Micro AD - Free Electricity for Farmers

Does this sound too good to be true?

As a result of the Kyoto Treaty the UK Government has ambitious targets to hit in reducing the UK's greenhouse emissions.

As part of the government’s strategy to achieve this, they are offering dairy farmers the funding to become completely off grid, removing all energy bills and reducing the carbon footprint of their farm by investing in a new Biolectric Micro AD technology.

Renewable Heat Incentive payments cover the cost of the system in the same way they did for the Biomass incentive, farms need at least 150 cows to qualify and there are many other benefits the Biolectric Micro AD system can provide:

The Key Benefits of Biolectric Micro AD:

  • Free electricity across your farm
  • Free central heating for farm buildings
  • The system is automated and needs no supervision
  • Huge benefits for the environment
  • Improved slurry quality gives a longer spreading season
  • Quick installation of Biolectric Micro AD system

When purchasing a Biolectric Micro AD system, this option will enable your farm to receive Renewable Heat Incentive payments for the next 20 years.

Our role is to utilise government funding streams that are in place to help rural properties reduce their carbon footprint, and therefore their energy costs. Our goal is to provide informative energy saving solutions to businesses in the area and assist them to access the funding.

There have only been 100 Biolectric Micro AD units made available until 2017 so if you would like your farm to benefit apply now