Start Saving Money With Solar Panels 


Start Saving Money With Solar Panels


Did you know Nasa use solar panels on their space vessels? In fact they do, Nasa use solar panels to power their MESSENGER spacecraft and their The Hubble Space Telescope also runs on solar energy.

Solar Panels collect energy from the sun that can be used for electrical power. At Saving Energy Group we are passionate about providing people with the correct information they need to save money using renewable energy sources. Our solar panels are a highly accessible option as there are three payment schemes to choose from; free, paid-for and off-grid.

The free option is provided by energy companies such as EDF where they pay for the solar panels and the installation. You then pay a low fixed electrical charge saving money, avoiding inflation as well as lowering your carbon footprint.

The paid-for option offers a full 4KW system at a supplied and installed total cost of £5,500 Inc VAT. You get the electricity that you generate for free and you get to keep the Feed In Tariff payments from the government of £4,500.

For the off-grid option you combine a Solar Panel with a battery and an Air Source Heat Pump to take your home virtually off-grid reducing your reliance on conventional utility companies to a minimum.

So, how many solar panels are needed to make enough energy for a property?

Sixteen, 1.65 x 1 meter, solar panels are needed to make enough energy to provide enough electricity for an average property.  So you would just need to check your property has a big enough, south facing, unimpeded roof for this, and choose which scheme works best for you and you can start saving money on energy!

You can read more about all these options on our Solar Panels page, or you can choose to contact one of our solar experts today to find out how you can save money with renewable solar energy!