Good news for UK landlords at last!

There is good news for UK landlords at last, as the UK government has decided to support a programme to improve the EPC rating of properties that are inhabited by tenants who are claiming benefits.

The idea is to allocate a grant to the housing association, landlord or tenant, where the current EPC rating of the property is poor. This could mean households which have little or no insulation, or are powered by an old gas boiler (gas boiler replacements are only under certain circumstances, see frequently asked questions), or properties where there is no access to mains gas so rely on an oil or LPG powered boiler.

In qualifying households, energy suppliers will install a free replacement energy efficient boiler, or insulate the property’s walls or loft.

The energy supplier that will carry out the installation will depend on the location and the type of property. The householder does not need to be an existing customer of the energy supplier as their obligation extends to all UK households.

Installing a new A-Rated Boiler will reduce carbon emissions and can save around £300 per year on fuel bills. This is part of the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO) scheme or "Affordable Warmth Grant" which is aimed at addressing fuel poverty in across the UK.

The boilers have an efficiency rating of A and will provide heat and hot water using less fuel, thus reducing the home energy costs for tenants claiming benefits.

Properties that are more likely to qualify for support are detached and semi-detached properties, and those less likely include flats and those with condensing boilers

The simplest way to check to see if you or your household qualifies is to complete the short application form and an assessor will advise you of the current grants available to you.

Complete the application form

Frequently asked questions:

Is my property likely to qualify? 

Different property types qualify for different measures via the grants, a quick breakdown of this would be: 

Loft and Cavity Wall Grants – these are available to detached, semi-detached and terraced properties that have no access to mains gas.

These insulation grants are also available to detached and semi-detached properties on mains gas (terraced houses on mains gas would not qualify for these insulation grants) 

Boiler replacement grants are available to detached and semi-detached properties that have either Oil or LPG boilers or electric storage heaters. Mains gas boiler replacements can be considered for larger (4 bedroom +) detached properties

There are also an EDF funded Solar and Battery System available for all suitable properties regardless of occupier status. Please see our website for further details of this scheme.

Why do my flats not qualify? 

Flats, as a rule, do not possess a large outer heat loss area, and as the Grants have put in place to reduce carbon emissions the reductions on properties of this type are not great enough to pass the benchmark required for funding. 

Why do only larger properties qualify for gas boiler replacements? 

Due to the nature of the grants being put in place to reduce carbon emissions, a gas boiler is generally the cleanest burning home fuel source so has a much lower carbon output compared to an oil or LPG boiler. 

The funding is calculated on carbon reduction, so only a larger detached property (4-bed+) is likely to have a high enough carbon output to qualify for the Grant.

Who are the Saving Energy Group?

The Saving Energy Group concerns itself with the correct allocation of pre-paid energy efficiency funds. We have been working with Government funding streams for several years now, and have tailored solutions for customers looking to utilise this funding to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

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