Domestic Energy Advice

About Our Advice

What Qualifies Us To Give Advice?

All of our surveyors, as all funded installations requires an Energy Performance Certificate (E.P.C). Because of this, both our surveyors and directors are fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessors (D.E.A) and Green Deal Advisors (G.D.A). All of our surveyors are accredited with and through ECMK as well as Elmhurst Energy. In addition to this we are each and all, also monitored by the Green deal Oversight & Registration Body. We as a company are also very selective in regard to our surveyors, We favour particularly and employ surveyors emerging from a general Building background, knowing that this enables our advice and survey to be sympathetic and realistic.

What Kind Of Advice Do We Offer?

All of our advice is focused around the effective management of Domestic energy. This management includes the two fundamental principles of energy management: CREATION vs EFFICIENCY. We are able to offer advice concerning the creation of clean energy, such as Biomass, Solar, heat-pumps and such. We are able to offer advice concerning the efficiency of energy use, such as Loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and heat recovery systems.



About The Results

What Is The Advice For?

The whole purpose of seeking Energy advice in relation to your home is to reduce the usage of Fossil Fuels. Our advice,  will present next-steps in regard to saving and/or creating energy. It offers specific advice in terms of anticipated benefit.

What Will Happen If You Follow The Advice?

The consequences of following the advice produced by an E.P.C are threefold:

1. You will begin to save money in terms of your energy expenditure.
2. You will be reducing your own and families Carbon footprint.
3. You shall be assisting the entire planet in regard to reducing atmospheric Carbon.



About The Process

What Should You Do First?

The best thing to do in the first instance is to contact us via our Website Contact Form or through our free phone number which is 0800 772 3663. This way we will be able to move the process forward, and more importantly verify if the property has an existing E.P.C.

What Happens If You Request A Survey?

We will arrange for a surveyor to attend your property and carry out a full survey. When the surveyor is upon the premises, he is accredited to distribute effective energy advice. In addition to this, there is the real opportunity post-survey to communicate with either the original surveyor or a suitably qualified alternative. This will involve some interaction regarding the results of the survey, and will identify the next best step for yourself.



Getting More Advice

Where Can You Get More Energy Advice?

The DECC website is a great source of information.