Saving Energy Group helps hundreds of consumers to access Government grants to install free Oil Boilers & Air Source Heat Pumps


Every year UK citizens contribute to a green tax levy that is added to our energy bills automatically. 
Each year, the UK Government allocates funding streams for free installation measures via the Grant scheme. The focus of this funding is to help people reduce their energy bills. There are different criteria to qualify for different measures. The Replacement boiler scheme requires the applicant to be in receipt of certain benefits, however the Air Source Heat Pump Scheme is available to everyone regardless of their circumstances.

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Solar trains
Wednesday, 6 December, 2017 - 12:16
A new study released today, say that the UK could have a transport network powered directly by the sun. Rail, tube, and tram networks in the UK could bypass the electricity grid altogether by connecting solar panels directly. According to research from Imperial College London's Energy Futures Lab and climate change charity, if this technology were to be built it would help meet a...